Hi All and Salam Ramadhan to all muslims in the world.

Right now, I'm having mixed feeling about one of my friend. I don't know if I am still her friend or ex-friend but for me, she is still my friend because I had been known her for 7 years since study. We did have a fight since we are colleague but she mad at me because I need to quit my job drastically because I experienced these superstitious thingy when I back from work. I did give my explanations to her and she don't want to accept. It's really broke my heart when my old friend doesn't want to believe me and even didn't come to visit me so she can comfirmed either I'm lying or not. I just back to my hometown and family and luckily I have fully recovered.

Recently, I met my friends from old workplace and having iftar with them. I was really shocked of what I heard. After I got engaged, my old friend did questioned if I was serious with my fiance since my fiance only graduate from high school and I am a degree holder.


1. We got engaged and of course we're deadly serious with this relationship.
2. Even he only have SPM certificate, at least he always delicate with his job and never let himself unemployed.

Sadly, the person questioned all of this thing is educated. Why did she questioned about destiny? So, I need to have same or higher education than me so that she will consider it is a serious relationship? Even my family didn't questioned his education level and very welcoming him in my family and same goes to his family to me. That is enough for me to have serious relationship.

Be in relationship, it is more than be knowledgeable. Compromise in everything, understand to each other, and make the love grows everyday is the key in relationship. That is how to work the relationship.

The education level is wasted if you cannot think, act and do like one and it will make others judge your humanity level. Just saying.

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  1. I agree with you..
    We should accept someone as who they are. Not their looks, jobs or even qualifications.
    Even someone with higher qualifications, doesn't mean their attitude are same.

  2. I agree. Sometimes having a high education doesn't guarantee that the person is educated. Relationship is not supposed to be measured by your partner's degree or jobs in the first place.

  3. I agree with you. Higher education doesn't mean that he/she are good in attitude. Yg penting rajin berusaha .. Kalau pandai pun tp malas xda guna jga



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