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Whassup gang! So here is my first post. Well, I was thinking what I should name myself. Rambel. It comes in my mind just like that and of course it is not my true name.Well, just call me Rambel. I am 25-years-old Malaysian woman. Single but not available because I already engaged. I am a cool friend and typical girlfriend.

This is my English blog and had been blogged since 2010. So, what my another blog? Are you interested? Let just keep it as a secret. So, of course I know a little bit my reader because you might be a blogger too, a housewife, a bossy husband, an executive, a clerk, a keyboard warrior and whatsoever you wanna be.

The objective I create this blog is I want to improve my English through writing. In my Malay blog, I always end up write my title post in English version while the contents are in Malay. So, I wake up this morning and the thought came, "How about I create an English version blog?". Snap the fingers and a bulb on top of my head. Haha.

Why I wanna keep anonymous? Because I want to be more "OPEN" in here since my relatives and friends know about my other blog. Yeah. You're right! I wanna talk behind their backs! How do you know. Oh my mind mate. Hee. No la. I just want to have a big space for me without anyone bother about me and judge the real me.

So, welcome to my Rambel blog!! So long peeps.

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  1. Heyy u got the same concept as my blog! I've been blogging for quite some time, but i actually forgotten my old blog's address blablabla and whatnots. So i thought why don't I make a new one but this time it doesn't really include my too personal lyfe story and keep being anonymous (though not too anonymous hahaha) by carefully not sharing photos of myself in that blog and try to write in english! And i guess it worked though. I am quite happy with my new blog and my anonymity lewlz.

    Ps : http://cuteparasite.blogspot.my/2017/05/of-writers-block-surviving-4-lyfe.html in case you wanna check out my blog :D

    1. thank to god to meet someone that have same thing with me. hihihi. i want to feel likes what you feel soon. hope this blog let me learn something. hee.

  2. Haii.. This is my first visit and I'm kinda shocked to see my blog in your bloglist.. Thank you so much and I'm feeling honored for being featured.. Salam kenal from me.. hehe..

    1. Hi.. hihi.. just wanna have a bloglist for Malaysian bloggers who write in English :D

  3. This is actually exciting. Omg, i must have become irritated with your other blog because I always feel cheated reading an english title but the content were in malay.



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